Natural. Sustainable. Good.
Hemp is one of the oldest crop plants in the world and bears an inestimable value for humans and nature. It’s easy and especially environmentally friendly planted. It’s resistant, grows extremely fast and is insensitive against pests so that no pesticides or chemicals are used for cultivation. Since hemp has been approved as agricultural crop once more 1996 we have specialized in cultivation, processing and worldwide marketing of high-quality hemp products. Not least with the aim to reestablish hemp in Germany and Europe as a cultivated plant and to integrate hemp into the agricultural cycles. At the same time we put emphasis on producing innovative, sustainably valuable products as well as taking ecological, social and economical aspects equally into consideration.
Our vision: To fulfill this high standard without exception during the entire production process. Starting at the beginning of growing hemp. Meanwhile we had first growing achievements at traditional german hemp growing regions. At which we prefer organic land with physical proximity to future processing sites. We focus on professional processing and first-class product quality, high environmental compatability, refrain of animal testing as well as the use of raw materials of controlled organic cultivation.