When it comes to the selection of seeds some points have to be considered. Only EU approved and certified varieties can be used for cultivation in Germany or the EU. Cultivation must be validated by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food. The THC content may currently not exceed 0,2 %. Organic or conventional? Depending on requirements your cultivation area brings along and what target audience you want to address to you have to examine that question before selecting your seeds. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable seeds and suppliers for your growing purposes as well as assisting you handling official regulations.


Hemp is a rather undemanding and sturdy plant. It grows in almost any climate. Due to it’s rapid growth hemp doesn’t need plant protection nor other chemicals. Conditions for sowing still must be right. Together we arrange the cultivation. We examine the conditions your cultivation area brings along and take your growing objectives into account. Together we create an individually coordinated cultivation plan. Starting with soil preparation through sowing quantity and technique until fertilization for your personal harvest success.


The right harvest date is oriented on the utilization targets you have set for your hemp harvest. Do you want to harvest hemp for fiber production, obtaining seeds or production of blossoms and leaves? Hemp harvest involves some special features and demands specific requirements from the harvesting methods or the used harvester. The planned use also impacts the choice of harvesting methods and the used harvester. Here we can advise and support you. You want to use the whole hemp plant? Our experts from HANF FARM have developed a special harvester which can harvest the plant in different heights and thus throughout the year. We gladly provide you with information about our all-rounder the Multicombine.



The first drying takes place on the field, by the so called field retting. Following the harvest gentle drying at a low temperature is an important prerequisite for optimum quality and security against mildew for instance. As an experienced partner we advise you what should be considered at the drying stage so you can supply high-quality raw materials.



Maximum purity is an important prerequisite for best quality of your products. This applies both for hygienically relevant issues as well as varietal purity. Convince your customers with high standards and reliability. With our many years of experience as supplier of hemp raw materials we understand what really matters and support you with our know-how.



Industrial hemp is an all-rounder and provides a variety of further processing possibilities. Nearly the whole hemp plant can be processed.

+ CBD extracts can be produced from blossoms and leaves. In addition they can be used in the food sector for producing tea or additives for broths or herbal salt.

+ Hemp seeds are the resource for a variety of high-quality foods. Processed to hempoil, hemp protein, hemp flour or as peeled or unpeeled hemp seeds they act as superfood due to their valuable ingredients.

+ Hemp fibers are obtained from plant stems and are suitable for processing to textiles, building materials, moulded parts but also as fiber fillers and insulation fleece.

+ Even the shives are of use. Also obtained from plant stems they are suitable for the production of animal bedding and hemp paper.


No matter what product you want to produce – we support you selecting suitable production facilities for further processing. As manufacturers we advise you selecting gentle or secure means of production and machines for example cleaning, peeling or oil pressing. We gladly supply raw materials of high-quality solely in certified organic quality.


The right storage conditions secure and maintain quality and protect valuable ingredients of your raw materials or your finished products. Issues like storage temperature, pest infestation and hygiene must be considered. Here we can also support you with our experience and know-how.