Organic Hemp Cherry Bar
Organic Hemp Cherry Bar Ingredients: peanuts*32%, sour cherries*14%, pumpkin seed, agave syrup*, maltose syrup*, rice crispies* (rice flour*, cornmeal*, cane sugar*, salt) cane sugar*, hemp seeds* peeled 5%, cashews* 5%. *of controlled organic cultivation...
Hemp cooking with hemp seeds and hemp oil
Hemp meets organic gourmet cuisine! Mayoori Buchhalter, head of the cooking school „BioGourmetClub“ and Daniel Kruse, manager of Hempro International have come together and created a special cookbook.   Hemp is one of the...
Put chocolate and coating in a bowl and let it melt under continuous stirring in water bath. Remove bowl from water bath afterwards and let cool down. Stir room temperature butter, icing sugar, cognac...
Junket with hemp
Put 12 slices of mandarin aside for decoration. Mix remaining mandarins with regular quark. Brown hemd seeds and almonds in a pan with sufficient honey. Add roasted seeds to regular quark and mix. As...
Hemp patties
Mix ingredients, form patties and fry in hot fat. Patties can be eaten warm and cold. Depending on taste vegetables as garnish and curd with herbs as dip.
Spaghetti with hemp sauce
Boil spaghetti in hot water with salt for about 10 minutes. Boil spaghetti in hot water with salt for about 10 minutes. For the sauce: chop shallot and garlic into cubes and sauté. Wash...
Satay sticks with wild garlic pesto
Cut beef fillet into fine slices and put on sticks. For the pesto: Cut 1 bunch fresh wild garlic into stripes. Mash parmesan, hemp seeds, hemp oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and...
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